An annual service is highly recommended on all your gas appliances. This will ensure :

  • The safe working and operation of your gas appliances.
  • Reduce unnecessary breakdowns.
  • Ensure warranties are valid.

Here at RCN Heating we service the vast majority of domestic gas appliances, including :

  • Boilers
  • Fires
  • Cookers (Including separate hobs and ovens

Our services include :

  • Visual inspection of the appliance, including the flue and required ventilation.
  • Operation of the appliance and controls.
  • Internal inspection.
  • Cleaning of the appliance to ensure safe operation.
  • Gas performance check, to ensure correct, safe and efficient operation.
Gas Servicing Prices
Boiler £60Cooker £40
Back Boiler Fire £80Oven £30
Fire £70Hob £30
Boiler Service Boiler Service